About Our Products

With a vast range of products, we have incorporated and continue to upgrade the features of each product dependent on its use, you will find the majority of high end features do appear on all our containers although a few features are product specific. Features available are as follows:

  • Tamper evident. The majority of our containers have a Tamper Evident TAB or Tamper Proof Lid and all containers that are designed for food have this plastic bucket feature.
  • Lids. Our containers can be purchased and supplied with or without lids. The lids can be manufactured to match your tubs, or made to enhance the tubs appearance in a colour that is an ideal contrast to the tub. We can also apply labels to the lids with a design and specifications to suit your needs.
  • Handles. Our larger sizes of buckets are supplied with a stainless steel easy grip handle. Our small to mid-range containers are supplied with a sturdy plastic handle that can be manufactured to match or contrast the colour of the container. The option of not having a handle is also available on request.
  • In Mould Label (IML). IML is available on our tubs from 500gm up to 1.2 LTR. This In Mould Label system allows labels of up to 6 colours to be applied to the Tub during the moulding process. This creates a striking label effect that will never fade or peel off.
  • Hand Applied Labels. Labels can be an effective way of marketing your product so along with applying these high quality labels, we can also help you design and organise the supply of labels. Any shape or size of container or lid can have a label applied and designs are limited only by your imagination and creativity with the available 1 to 6 colours per label.
  • Recycling. We are aware that any saving on wastage is not only good business practice, but an environmental necessity. By recycling and reusing our waste and defective products we can offer containers manufactured from this recycled material with a reduction in cost to you.*

Please view our product list and click on the appropriate picture for more detailed product information. Please contact us if you require more details.

*Recycled containers although suitable, and manufactured using the same high quality standards are not recommended for the storage of food.

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