Mould Design

Mould DesignFrom concept to reality is a term that most companies produce but only a few can deliver.

We have the resources to take an idea from infancy to maturity by giving you all the answers before you knew the questions. With an easy step by step pathway from product and mould design, to mould manufacture, product modification and production we have the best resources on hand from our locally, nationally and internationally proven professionals injection moulding.

With over 20 years of plastic product and mould manufacturing experience, our friendly team will guide you through every stage of the process, and with this experience we have the ability to foresee and rectify any issues before they become a problem for you.


Mould DesignWe understand that product and mould design is not only a large financial investment, but also a drain on your valuable time which is why, with over 20 years of product and mould manufacturing experience we can guarantee a totally dedicated, conscientious and transparent approach to providing the outcome you require first time and on time.

If you have a product idea and are unsure where to start or if you require assistance with the manufacturing of an existing product we can help you every step of the way.

Please feel free to contact us, your plastic solution provider regarding any of the above and we can give you an obligation free quote or appraisal for your specific needs.

Please contact us for more information for more information about our products and services.

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