Plastic Bucket 13.5 Litre

by / Tuesday, 04 April 2017 / Published in News

Profile is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging to the Australian food, coatings and fertiliser industries.

We do listen to our customers – particularly those who want a product that fills a niche size between the 10L and 20 L buckets.  We’ve learnt that a standard 15 L bucket is often too large.

A standard 15 L bucket can have head-space of up to 2L (average of approx. 1.5 L) resulting in a brim-full capacity as high as 17 L.

That’s a’ lot of bucket’ for customers who either just don’t need something so big, or strategically wish to economize (reduce) the amount of product going into packaging in order to maximise profit. Health and safety is also enhanced due to the reduced weight of the finished product making handling much easier plastic tub supplier Australia.     

If you are a customer with such needs – we have pleasure in introducing our 13.5 L plastic bucket which we have carefully scaled back to meet these niche market demands.

Brim-full capacity is a streamlined 15 L (in lieu of 17 L), so depending on your head-space requirement there is still a healthy fill space to use as much (or as little) as you’d like.

This is a terrific ‘in-between’ size bucket with applications across many industry sectors.  We hope you embrace the thought behind the size of this bucket, and get on-board with us.

Feel free to contact our friendly sales team on (08) 9309 3099 or via email; for more information about this product, as well as others that are part of our extensive range.

Profile is an Australian owned manufacturer which offers quality products, and great customer service.  We’re not an importer, so your on-going support assists us all.