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Profile is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging to the Australian food, coatings and fertiliser industries

‘Not too big, not too small ….. just right’.   This is how many of our satisfied customers describe what we believe is the most versatile product within our large range.

Our customers use our ‘Mr Versatile’ 18 LTR tub in a variety of ways including storage of bulk ice cream/gelato,   food and utensils by mobile caterers, seafood and bait by the fishing industry, and miscellaneous items in workshops and plants plastic tub manufacturer Australia.

They’re even used for the storage of the ‘snaggers and buns’ for the sausage sizzle at your local hardware on the weekend.

How will you use will you use our 18 LTR tub?

It has dimensions of  465 mm (T) x 215 m and 275 mm (W), is available in white or clear colours (others available upon request) , and is made from food grade polypropylene.

Feel free to contact our friendly sales team on (08) 9309 3099 or via email sales@profileinjection.com. au for more information on this product as well as the other products that are part of our extensive range.

Profile is an Australian owned manufacturer which offers quality products, and customer service.   We’re not an importer of product, so your on-going support assists us all.