by / Thursday, 25 February 2016 / Published in News

Profile is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging to the Australian food, coatings and fertiliser industries

Our rectangular 5 LTR ice cream tubs w/ lid is one of our best sellers.  This hasn’t happened by chance – it has great durability and looks, and the combination of its size and shape ensures that it stores well.     It is competitively priced and Profile has a genuine track record of reliable supply with it.  We’ve exceeded the expectations of customers and its popularity in the market place is well justified.

The 5 LTR rectangular ice cream tub is currently available in three colours (white, natural and silver), with the natural colour lid complementing all colours of the tub well.

Recently we’ve had enquiries asking if we can do the tub in black as ice-cream/gelato manufacturers seek an alternative colour to plastic tub factory Australia differentiate their premium products from their standard range.

Profile endeavours to help it customers meet with their market needs.  We are now pleased to offer our 5LTR rectangular ice cream tub in a premium black colour.  With the large demand for  our ice cream tubs in the standard colours keeping our production team busy we do need to ask for a lead time of 2-3 weeks for this premium colour.

If you’re interested in the rectangular 5 LTR ice tub in ‘premium’ black feel free to contact our friendly sales team on (08) 9309 3099 or via email sales@profileinjection.com. au for pricing and availability.  Don’t forget to enquire about our other products whilst you’re at it.

Profile is an Australian owned manufacturer which offers quality products, and customer service.   We’re not an importer of product, so your on-going support assists us all.